Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sandwiches to go.

So, you are out of the house, at work, driving your children to music classes, taking a walk by the river with your spouse when you are suddenly aware that you are hungry.

Do you carry snacks?
Do you have a stash in your backpack, glove box, desk?

I have tried to be prepared for such occasions with baggies filled with nuts and dried fruit and even store-bought granola bars.  None of these really fill the bill if you are ravenous.
My solution? Make and freeze sandwiches that you can grab and go.

The trick to make these is to put them together when you clear the kitchen after a meal that has left you with these ingredients.

Fontina and apple on crackers.
Hummus and arugula on pita.
Pesto and mozzarella on Italian rolls.
Tuna and coleslaw on taco shells.
Chicken strips and cranberry chutney on raisin bread.

You get the idea. Be sure not to have too much moisture. Mustard and olive oil freeze better than mayo. Pack and label by date and content in  ziplock bags and keep up front in your freezer.

On the day I took this picture on the Elk River, we were twenty miles from the nearest food place and the car had to be towed because it wouldn't start.  As we waited for the auto club tow, we ate dried up granola bars from the glove department. After we went home, I scoured the refrigerator and bagged our first emergency sandwich.


  1. Great idea! I need to do this. I had never thought of freezing arugula or coleslaw. I didn't even know they would freeze well. A question: Do you freeze homemade cream soups? Do they freeze well?

  2. What a good idea! I hadn't thought of freezing sandwiches. Speaking of hummus pitas, there's a local restaurant that has a hummus pita sandwich. It's overstuffed with yummy hummus, green peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce. Super tasty. Now I'm craving that.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  3. What great sandwich ideas, Rosaria! A wonderful way to have a meal on the go and keep snacking in check!

  4. I should get more organised about sandwiches... I do tend to rely on trail mix and snack bars!

  5. The idea of freezing sandwiches just does not appeal to me. They are too easy to make at the last minute with whatever happens to be in the fridge. I have a friend who thinks I make the best sandwiches because I use unique ingredients. I do, however, keep bread in the freezer for such sandwiches.