Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Have you seen the price of vegetables?

I used to eat like this, a few years ago. A handful of salad greens, a pile of mayonnaised fish and bread or crackers. Nothing wrong with it. I actually felt saintly after this meal. The packaged salad greens were pre washed and measured, and while more expensive, I felt they were a good deal.

Notice that the salad had no real vegetables except for the packaged greens. Nowadays, I make a salad with fresh greens, cooked greens and even canned greens. What I don't use quickly I pickle for yet another addition to my salad plate. I make my own dressing too, one part vinegar or lemon, and three parts oil. I add plenty of aromatics, dried or fresh herbs, and little or no salt.

As for the fish, I still use canned tuna or salmon or sardines once a month, for convenience and economy. I drizzle a bit of olive oil and add chopped peppers and onions to liven up the taste. Pepper helps to spark the blandness, and sometimes a dash of hot sauce.

For starch, a slice of a multigrain loaf, or a grain leftover from a previous meal.  After all, we just need to swap to a better deal rather than cutting all carbs.

Add a slice or two of orange or any seasonal fruit and you now have a nutritious meal that is both tasty, heart healthy, filling, and economical.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Veg Up!

If I see a recipe on line that involves veggies, I will share and try it and continue to fuss with it until it's mine. Yes, combining vegetables and herbs and spices with additions of flavorful oils or nuts will send your palate dancing in the street.

However, let's be real. Fresh vegetables cost as much as meat these days. So, unless you can grow them, or have a constant supply from your local farmers, you are stuck using frozen ones.
This recipe will work with frozen veggies.

Easy Minestrone

Ingredients for four servings:

Two cups of assorted vegetables/fresh or frozen
One cup/can of beans, any type, drained and rinsed
1/4 cup of olive oil or half oil, half butter
Two Tablespoons of chopped aromatics such as onions, garlic, chili peppers, lemon zest...
Sprinkling of cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Saute' your chopped aromatics in the butter/oil mix until fragrant, one, two minutes. Add your vegetables and saute for another minute or two until flavors have combined. Add the beans until warmed through. Taste and adjust with salt and pepper and lemon zest.

Voila', your minestrone is ready to be eaten in less time that it takes to warm up a frozen dinner. Add crusty bread and you have a full meal.