Monday, February 11, 2013

What's your favorite restaurant?

This is my idea of a great salad:
Seasonal vegetables, a touch of salt, a drizzle of olive oil. The trouble is that I can only have this at home. When we are on the road and we order salad, we get a generic cut of lettuce, with a hint of color from red cabbage or carrots, and a dressing that overpowers the taste.

If I were to design a food place where I would go often to eat, it would have the following elements:

A. Possibility of share market, as in a CSA, where I purchase in advance meals to go or eat in, for a fixed price, so to keep the restaurant alive, and keep my interest in the success of the place.

B. All information about the suppliers and providers is displayed prominently.

C. Food is treated the way fashion is, with appropriate seasonal changes, and appropriate combination displays.

D. Guest chefs to bring a touch of novelty to the place.

E. Special events, Valentine, for instance, or Chinese New Year should inspire their own menu.

Displays all around the back of the place where you could view the food available on any particular day and counters where you see the chefs at work preparing the daily specials with available printed recipes to take home if you so choose.
1. bins of vegetables
2. refrigerated cases of cuts of meat, fish, pork
3. displays of possibilities for the day where you can get a taste:
==a couple of soups
--a handful of salad combinations
~~a grilled, roasted or pan-seared protein combinations
```a handful of starch combinations , pasta, rice, or cous-cous combos emphasizing the day's special, such as a cut of  meat, unusual legumes, greens, catch of the day.

I can choose right then and there to sit and have a meal, or wait for my meal to be prepared to order and packaged to go home.

Both the displays and the combinations ought to change regularly. Food variety and food preparation should be enticing and healthy all the time.

On the back counter above the chefs' work space, the recipe would be displayed prominently on the wall, with nutritional data, and when the waiter takes your order, which you fill out carefully at your table, nobody has to know that you want little salt, no added lardons, and your salads lightly dressed.

Now, don't we have foodies in each town to make this happen?


  1. You need to come to my town and make it happen!! I love the looks of your salad. You're right....a drizzle of good olive oil and a sprinkle of S&P is all you need. I think the good chefs do change their menus frequently. One of the first things I notice when we were in England was that all the restaurants and pubs had chalk boards instead of paper menus. Makes perfect sense.

  2. You would think this idea would be popular and easily found, I would enjoy it.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful dream to me ... I would sprinkle feta cheese on that yummy salad at the top of your post!! Middle Eastern food is my very favorite ..... in case you were wondering?

  4. I made a few salads this weekend that look like yours! Yummy and fresh and that's my idea of heaven! I had a salad once that I started to choke was the twisty tie from a bag of lettuce in the salad! Yuck!

  5. No, I don't know of a place like that here.

  6. That sounds like a delightful place! We have a steak place that gives you a checklist for the salads, then brings out a massive salad. Not perfect, but delightful all the same. It's rare to want to go to a steak restaurant just for the salad!

    One of my favorite places to eat is a cafe open for lunch only that belongs to a caterer. They cook/prep out in the open and have a limited seasonal menu. It is such a wonderful place to go, AND he's friendly to the writing community and has no issue with me sitting there writing.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  7. I could never open a restaurant but I want to come to yours! It sound perfectly heavenly!

  8. That sounds just perfect and your salad looks SO delicious! I'm doing the Blood Sugar Solution diet at the moment with lots of salads, fish and fresh foods and am actually enjoying it all. And your salad -- and post -- is a true inspiration!