Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stock the rich life.

Cooking, like poetry, must flow from your stock of ingredients and experiences..

At around noon today I decided to make lunch.  I stock garbanzo beans, olive oil and lemons all the time. So, the hummus was made quickly, but my freezer stock of Syrian bread was all gone. I decided I could make Indian bread instead, from a mix I keep in the refrigerator, thanks to a recipe I read on a blog, (see link below).

  I roasted some peppers and zucchini while I made the naan on the stove. Ten minutes later, lunch was ready.

Since we had a lovely sunny day, the hummus and the grilled vegetables, plus fresh Naan,  pears and cheese provided us with a  lovely picnic by the lake.

Recipe for Naan or Indian bread:
(adapted from


  1. Your lunch sounds so fresh, light and worthy of a the lake is just a bonus!

  2. Sounds like a lovely lunch and picnic by the lake. Glad you're having nice weather.

  3. What a wonderful lunch and setting! I must try that recipe for Naan -- and take up some of your delicious and healthy eating habits!

  4. This sound wonderful indeed. I will try the Naan. My daughter-in-law makes Naan all the time. She learned to make it in Bangladesh. I think it is my grandson's favorite food.