Friday, January 27, 2012

Breakfast like Grandma used to make.

Irish Oatmeal, steel cut oats, cooked slowly in milk, with apples, raisins, and  a touch of honey. Sprinkle cinnamon and toasted nuts just before serving. Add cream or extra milk on the side.  Nothing else will satisfy you as this hot bowl of cereal with NO Preservatives.

I discovered steel cut oats late in my life.
You might have known about them all along, if you had an Irish grandmother.
Give yourself a good half hour to get this on the table, following the instructions on the can.
You can purchase steel-cut oats in the bulk section of your grocery store. The ratio is four parts of water or liquid,  to one part oats.

I make a double batch and freeze the extra in individual Corelle bowls.  On days when I'm in a hurry, I pop a bowl in the microwave and within minutes, I have a hearty breakfast.


  1. I love the steel cut oats too. I will have to make it the way you suggest. I especially love the white raisins. This sounds so good!

    I've never thought of freezing it for those busy days, or for my husband who thinks it is too much work for me to cook it everyday. Really it is not work, but he thinks it is.

  2. I never thought of freezing oats either. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I've never tried the steel cut oats. My mother always made oatmeal cooked in milk. I like the creamy texture. I make mine with half water and half's still creamy but I don't feel as guilty!

  4. we love them...Monday is oatmeal morning around here, sometimes that rolled type, sometimes steel cut:-)

  5. Oats are good for your cholesterol, too

  6. We have oatmeal almost every morning but not steel cut, though once in a great while I'll cook those.

  7. I love steel-cut oats and had never thought of freezing servings before. What a great idea!

  8. You always teach me something, Rosaria. I have never cooked oats in milk. We often experiment with good things to put in them. Our newest craze is warm maple syrup and walnuts.We have that very Irish oats can in our can collection. Costco's Coach's Steel Cut Oats are our new favorite.

  9. I recently posted about Oatmeal on my blog. Super food!

    1. click the word Oatmeal to read the post.