Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring thoughts.

The sun is visiting more often these days, beckoning for me to walk down to the lake garden and check the status of winter crops. Savoy cabbage, parsley, fava beans, artichokes, broccoli are still producing nicely.
Time to build new dreams. In the areas where I have fava I can plant new crops right away. In all the other areas, first I'll plant peas, then in a couple of months, I'll think of a summer bounty.

Did I mention that lettuces and radicchio are also doing nicely and if they haven't seeded they continue to be harvested each time I visit?

This is my Spring menu for the upcoming Easter celebration:

Stuffed leg of lamb
Pappardelle with fava and artichokes
Tender salad of arugula, pea shoots, radicchio
Brioche "colomba".
Tiramisu cake and coffee.

Recipes and pictures will follow shortly.  


  1. The garden path is so inviting. We are so dry here, a storm is off to the west and we are praying it swings far enough east to give us some moisture. Welcome spring.

  2. That sounds good, time that spring arrived! Have a good weekend Diane

  3. we are getting ready to put our spring garden in. the winter garden did not do well as we were gone too many days every week to take care of it properly. but I do love growing some of my own food, going out in the evening to harvest that night's dinner.

  4. Am I invited? It all sounds so good.

    I truly am having bit of anxiety over not having a garden this year. I will have to figure out what to do. Your plans sound great. I love the crops that you can grow in your neck of the woods.