Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cooking for survival

We have had quite a time in the last few weeks, sick with a cold that we couldn't shake, too sick to cook and too tired to drive anywhere to pick up anything.  Thank God I had planned ahead in my attempt to stay prepared for those days or weeks when we have major storms and our electricity goes out. When we came home after a doctor's visit, and wanted a meal, I only had to reach for something we liked from our stash.

I have always cooked as though the five of us are still under one roof, and my men eat like men.  My last child was home twenty years ago, but I'm so used to making big meals that I have to do something about leftovers as these too  can be overwhelming. We eat most of them for lunch the next day, but I've turned one shelf in my freezer to emergency meals put together in a regular way, but packed for emergency.

In an emergency, they can be heated over an open fire, or eaten just as they are after they are thawed.

At present-and yes i must eat these meals and replace them with fresh ones every three months-these are the meals in our freezer, packed in glass jars or foil, and labeled with date and heating instructions.

Breakfast: French toast; pigs in blankets; mini quiche,vegetable omelets.
Lunch: Ratatouille; pizza; quesadilla; calzone; quiche; spinach/artichoke/cheese dip.
Dinner: Pot roast; lasagna; minestrone; chile.

What about you? How do you cook for survival?


  1. definitely a good idea, but our little freezer wouldn't accommodate much. I do have a few things in there for Terry to have should I be unable to cook. He really likes frozen burritos for convenience.

  2. great post, i always do that too, cook something and freeze it for emergencies, most of the time some friends come over or someone close from neighbors, so it is always a relief that something is there to prepare for them easily, btw love your blog.

  3. I try to have an 'emergency' cupboard, but am rather sporadic about keeping it up-to-date. When it is just the two of us it is easier -- but I do try to make extra large casseroles and will freeze half. I try to make sure I have plenty of potatoes and pasta and jars of tomato sauce and pasata. Recently, we've started freezing milk!