Sunday, November 3, 2013

Promise to eat the whole thing?

Have you noticed that we regularly only eat baby lettuces, young beets,  and mini carrots all nicely diced already and sold in plastic bags?
Have you wondered what you were missing?

Ever since I've been growing most of our produce, I try to eat the entire plant, seeds and skin and all. I'm not sure of the advantages of keeping the skin on peppers and tomatoes as we roast them, but I do know that we are throwing away a whole lot of nutrients by discarding half of our plants.

I roast these tiny peppers until they are soft and malleable, tasting of the oil and the flakes of herbes-de-provence they were cooked with.  I pack these in oil and keep in the refrigerator to toss with pasta, process for salsa, or add to my frittata.

Better than the naked peppers you get in a jar at the supermarket.


  1. I agree we also eat everything. Many years back my Mum was told by her Dr if she eat an apple to eat the whole thing and chew up the pips. I still do just that. Have a good week Diane

    1. Diane, we have lost that old wisdom and try to reinvent "cures" over and over again. I just read that there is a new fruit that will allow people to lose weight without changing their lifestyle at all. In my lifetime I have heard of hundreds of such claims.

  2. I've always eaten the skin (unless we char-grill it to black!) but never the seeds of peppers... they're just a bit crunchy! I guess we do eat lots of seeds deliberately, though, so I'm not sure why I feel that way.