Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tired of cooking!

Even someone who enjoys cooking gets tired of cooking.
So, learn the shortcuts and be ready to roll out a meal for the time it takes for water to boil.

Shortcut #1 Always have your favorite grain or pasta in the pantry, and your favorite beans. Bulgur and cous-cous take minutes to put on the table. (Do not purchase packages with flavorings added. Add your own cumin and cloves for a middle-eastern flavor, hot chilies and cilantro for a Mexican flavor, hot chilies and ginger for a Chinese flavor.)

Shortcut #2 Use any vegetables/fruit at hand, chop, dice, and combine with lemon and olive oil for a quick topping. Use your favorite spice to give character to the dish, and to create a Newness about it.

Shortcut #3 Serve on different plates or in a different mode. Wraps, tortillas, focaccia or in a bowl with chopsticks.

Shortcut #4 Double the recipe and you have lunch the next day.

What do you prepare when you don't have time, or energy for cooking?


  1. I know that feeling well. Sometimes I just do not feel like setting foot in the kitchen. Nigel is getting good at pasta dishes and curries on those days :)) Diane

  2. I do most of the cooking throughout the week, but my husband, who enjoys cooking more than I, takes it whenever he has time. If I poop out during the week he is quick to swoop in and make wonders out of leftovers. So my go to meal is my go to man.

  3. I always have grilled shrimp and chicken in my freezer. I grill extra on the weekends for use in salads and quick week night meals. But if I'm really tired, I usually order a carry out from my favorite neighborhood restaurant. :)

  4. lately, rotisserie chickens and chicken sausages from the market have been my quickie, tired of cooking meals, + a big salad or steamed vegis...