Saturday, March 3, 2012

Will cooking go the way of sewing?

My mother made most of my clothes when I was little. She would have made my father's clothes too, and my brothers' if she had too. But, my brother became a tailor, and the men in our household were set.I didn't get a "store" dress until much later, when I found that everything I could ever need could be found in a clothing store. From that day on, Mother's sewing skills were no longer appreciated.

I feel that's what's happening to cooking too. Even at the supermarket you can buy whole meals, freshly prepared, right at the deli counter. I see more people shopping from the frozen aisles than from the fresh produce aisles.  People are no longer comfortable with feeding themselves. Kitchens, the heart of the home, is now a stock-room, full of pre-washed, pre-cut, pre-seasoned, pre-cooked entrees and snacks.

We stopped at Sizzler yesterday for lunch. Our meal of an endless salad bar that included chicken wings, a taco bar and a pasta bar, cost less than the ingredients would have cost at the supermarket!

So, what about all those cooking shows? Are they inspiring us to cook more or are they simply a new form of entertainment?

I cook most of our meals because what I like is not easily found.  I can also prepare meals with fewer calories and additives than  I can find anywhere else.

If I lived in a big city with lots of restaurants, would I continue to cook?
If I could find healthy alternatives, would I eat all my meals out?


  1. It's so tempting when you see fresh food with all the hard work done. I am especially susceptible when out shopping and getting tired. You would not believe the 3 course gourmet meal plus bottle of bubbly and box of chocolates that was available from Marks and Spencer for Valentines Day -- all for the equivalent of about $30!

    On the other hand, I have 3 sons all of whom can cook and love cooking for others. I think the larger the family unit or number of people at the dinner table the more likely we are to put on the apron, dig out the pots and pans and start cooking!

  2. That's just can't find many healthy alternatives anywhere at an affordable cost. We go out to eat maybe twice a month. And then only because it's fun to kick back once in a while. We suffer through less-than-delicious meals for the treat of being waited on. The meals we make at home cannot be duplicated in a restaurant for any amount of money. Cooking will never go out of style.

  3. We very seldom eat out, and never buy ready made meals. I like to know exactly what is in my food and almost all our vegetables are home grown.
    I just need the extra room which is in the planning so I can get my sewing machine out again. We both could do with a new wardrobe, I hate paying over the top for things when I know what I can make them for.
    Neither cooking or sewing will disappear in this house until I am not capable any-more. Diane

  4. That is a good question. I just had this discussion today with a friend. She lives alone and finds it hard to cook for herself. We were saying that there really aren't any places here in town to buy meals that are already cooked like you might find at a Whole Foods. I wonder if I might depend on those kinds of meals if they were available. I doubt it because like you I don't think they taste good, and they have too many additives.

    As far as sewing goes, I quite doing that years ago. I made most of the clothing the children wore, and much of my own, but I can't say I ever enjoyed it.

  5. Gee, I hope not! My mother sewed, too, and I never learned to do any of the practical things like sewing or knitting. I do love to cook, especially since I'm trying to eat fresh, healthy fare and it's easy to do that with home cooked meals. But there are so many short-cut temptations -- from supermarket specials to take out. My husband and I swore we wouldn't fall into that once retired but we still do on occasion.

  6. Great post, Rosaria. My mother was a high school Home Economics teacher. After teaching 180 hormonal teenage girls all day she couldn't bring herself to teach me to cook and sew. My blog is intended to teach the basics about cooking. My young readers certainly know how to find the easy stuff. My hope is that they will "get the bug" and find the joy, and savings,in doing it themselves. I plan to learn to sew and knit soon. You are inspiring.

  7. Sewing and cooking have their niche markets but the societal trend is quick and easy. My husband really enjoys cooking. He watches many of the cooking shows and tries many recipies. I get to be the happy recipient.