Tuesday, March 13, 2012

City Food.

Portland, Oregon, home of Portlandia. Here, we are downtown by the river, on a walk after a wonderful lunch.  Bikes, trails, boats, great food.

The city asks you to go with the flow.

After such trips, I too get creative.
On today's menu:

Grilled salmon on cedar plank.
Mixed cabbage slaw with lime cre'me.
Fingerling roasted potatoes.

For dessert: Euphoria chocolates.

I'm always


  1. I love Portlandia and I love your menu. I'm gonna have to look a couple of things up though. Hope you're relaxing.

  2. Portland is a city I've yet to visit, but one that has been on 'the list' for a very long time. Now, would you please, tell me more about Euphoria chocolates!!!

  3. Portland is full of delightful finds. Euphoria chocolates are a local specialty.

  4. Can I come with you on your next trip? LOL. Diane