Friday, June 24, 2011

Right on your table.

 These are baby lettuces i grew from seed, in a metal container lined with newspapers.
I could have used a variety of lettuces. Before I transplanted them in my garden, I snipped a few off to top off a meal. After that, every time I needed lettuce for a  sandwich, more snips.

They sell lettuces in plastic tubs.
Keep the tubs, line them with newspapers and layer some see growing mix with your favorite greens.
This tray of mine has been producing for months.
After I snip off a few leaves, more will grow.
I'm expecting the growth to continue for a while.

Go on. An envelope of seeds will set you back a couple of dollars, the price of one head of lettuce.
Collect all your boxes and try new types of lettuces in each one.
Let the kids tend them by watering the boxes every other day, keeping the soil moist but not soaked.

This box grows on a table. Put yours wherever there is good, indirect light.
The more you snip, the more it will grow.


  1. I've already eaten enough lettuce to pay for the seed and the potting mix. Do any of you grow your greens on your table?

  2. Not yet, just tomatoes, but you've inspired me, Rosaria!

  3. Yes, I also grow lettuce and cut if off leaf by leaf as I prepared meals or a sandwich. Last summer I let a red leaf lettuce go to seed. It was lovely, lacy, blowing in the breeze and when it began to dry out I cut of the seed head and put it in a brown paper bag. Then this spring I crushed the seed head over a large container and voila!! I have had lettuce, FREE, that won't quit!

  4. A perfect way to garden! I love that the lettuce is right there to snip off when needed.

  5. great idea...i'm in the process of moving and want to grow some veggies as soon as we are settled...this sounds like a good way to go...keep it right on the deck outside the kitchen...good one!

  6. My sister grows lettuce and has encouraged me to do so. I like this idea of growing it in the box. Maybe next spring.

  7. I eat so many salads that growing my own lettuce would be ideal! Unfortunately, it doesn't grow very well in our hot summer climate. But I do have pots of herbs growing on my patio, this year and some Creole tomatoes that are doing well.

  8. We're growing our own lettuce, but I like the idea of growing it on the table, how convenient!