Monday, June 20, 2011

Easy summer meal.

Shrimp and peas from the freezer.
Spring onions and spring garlic from the garden. (or old onions and mature garlic)
Wine, pancetta and olive oil from the refrigerator. (plain olive oil will do)

A couple of minutes sauteeing the pancetta in olive oil, adding onions and garlic before adding the shrimp, then the peas, then a couple of tablespoons of wine, salt and pepper to taste, and voila'  a sauce for the linguini or fettuccine you have cooked al dente on another burner.

Add a salad.
At the very end, serve any  fresh fruit you have in the house, with mint strips and a touch of honey.
Life couldn't be simpler.
Sip your wine.
Laugh at the antics around you.


  1. oh yum....i have to add this to my grocery list for the week.....what a wonderful summer dish

    happy to stop by today

    kary and teddy

  2. I like this. My mother makes a salad out of peas and shrimp that she calls pink and green salad. I think this dish looks much better.

  3. You make everything look so easy and delicious! I'm headed to the grocery store for shrimp! Thanks!

  4. Looks wonderful. Simplicity at its best!

  5. This looks incredible...thank you for the idea...simple is very good for me these days!