Friday, January 21, 2011

How did you learn to cook?

(Port Orford, December 2010, from the left, me and Joyce at Redfish Restaurant)

Up until the 80's we never went out to eat at Italian restaurants. Hubby would go off with his work mates now and then and fill up on pastas and specialties he liked, would drag me to the same and ask me how I liked the food. "I can do better!" I thought, and meant it. Up until the 80's restaurant fare was adequate, but not  very good.

Then, Wolfgang Puck started his cafes in upscale neighborhoods. Well, the quality of the dishes and the surprising presentations sold me.  I began to appreciate  food prepared by great chefs.  Wolfgang Puck's minestrone tasted even better than my mother's, back in Italy!

I learned to cook from my mother. By the time I left Italy, I could prepare everything she prepared, except home-made pasta.

If you want to learn to make home-made pasta, visit Eleonora's blog,

Tell her Rosaria sent you.

Visit your best restaurants and appreciate the talents of your chefs. I know that since Redfish Restaurant opened here in Port Orford, I've been grateful that french cuisine and northwest products can come together and satisfy us beautifully. 


  1. Eleonora has a couple of great blogs and writes about cooking and culture in many magazines. She is a great teacher and generous with her help and suggestions.

  2. What a very cool blog. And i just love Port Orford too.
    I learned to cook from helping and watching my Mother. She was and still is at age 94 a nutritionist and my father was a Naturopath. We grew up knowing about real food. I suppose you could say my Mother is living proof. 94 and no medication or health problems except she is getting older.

    I really love Bread Pudding and shall try your recipe but I must say mine is the best. LOL

    I am so glad I found your blog. MB

  3. I learned to cook from my mother, and from a humongus number of cookboods. The view from that restaurant is amazing!

  4. LOVED this post !!! and thanks for the kind words at Farmhouse today, my friend


  5. Great photo of you & Joyce with the ocean in the background. Lovely. Nice post too.

  6. Great pic of you and your friend and the Redfish Restaurant sounds fab! I leaned how to cook from my Cajun mother, grandmother, and aunts. Btw, I'm getting really good at making your pizza dough! :)

  7. p.s. Eleonora writes in English!

  8. My siblings and I learned to cook out of self defense - our mom is great but just not a good cook...

  9. I can keep a body alive but I was fortunate to marry a man who does some fabulous southern cooking. We have embraced a wellness lifestyle and he has become very accomplished in preparing tasty AND healthy meals. He's a keeper!

  10. I just learn from my mum how to cook Chinese cuisine five months ago and loving it. I learn western cuisine from my hubby. I am getting better at my cooking and sometime can come up with my own fusion recipe:D Thanks for the link to Eleonora's blog.

  11. Thanks for visiting, left you a note on my blog. I taught myself how to cook. I am a much better cook than my I love to eat out tho and it is my biggest waste of money...I know I could do just as well myself. But I love to have it done for me . One of the few things I will not eat is a raw onion !