Monday, January 24, 2011

An espresso breakfast.

You know that I regard breakfast sacrosanct, important, never to be missed.
What happens on days when we have to rush out of the house, for a meeting, an appointment, and emergency. Do we skip breakfast?

We have a quick and easy parfait made with fruit and yogurt and cereal.  Here is the one we had last week when both of us had to get out of town quickly.

Notice that I used a beautiful goblet to assemble the parfait. And served the coffee in a big mug and a coffee pot. Yes, those extra touches cancelled the rush effect we would have experienced if we just had a blended drink and drove off.

How do you handle those mornings when you are rushed? 


  1. I make my own yogurt, btw. It's easy and tastes so much better. I make a batch that lasts us a couple of weeks, and keep it plain. I'm trying to avoid additives and flavorings that are not fresh.

  2. I'm afraid on mornings when I was in a hurry I often had fruit juice and a granola bar!

  3. uh oh...we don't eat right when we get up..about 3 hours later...we nibble
    Coffee and juice that's it

  4. I can't miss breakfast. My body simply shuts down, refuses to function. I like the idea of making your own yogurt. Rushed? A hard boiled egg keeps hunger at bay. 70 calories.

  5. Running out the door I'll grab a fiber bar and fix my coffee in a travel mug. My husband is a fan of the breakfast burrito in the drive-thru and I will admit I'm easily convinced. The home made yogurt sounds good!

  6. ciao Rosaria passavo di qui
    Michele pianetatempolibero

  7. Oh, Rosaria! You make your own yogurt??!!!

    I am awed! How? I would love to see a post on that. I choose the yogurt with the least ingredients, but would much rather make my own!


  8. Raven, look for a recipe coming up soon.