Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tia Juanita's Taco recipe!

here I am, in my Stressless Chair-and yes indeed it is stress less-with my laptop, searching the web for....

Nowadays, one needs only a hunkering for Cinco de Mayo concoctions, and voila' we can get the recipe, pick up the ingredients, and an authentic meal can be prepared easily.

Or, if you live in a big city with lots of restaurants, I'm sure you can select your fajitas any way you like.

My favorite Mexican food was prepared by my sister in law from scratch.
Her tacos started with roasted beef, plain, cut up in small chunks and stuffed in fresh flour tortillas. With the addition of cilantro, green onions,  tomatoes, and hot jalapenos, the taste was unparalleled.

Gracias, Juanita, e Buen Cinco de Mayo! 


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Am I invited? ;)

  2. Now I'm craving these tacos! And this is after I've just eaten Mexican food for 4 hours!:)

    Love that chair, and omg, that photo of you looks EXACTLY like my cousin, Isabel. You could be twins!

  3. Those tacos sound fantastic! I'll have to try duplicating them. Love your picture! You look so comfortable!

  4. That is the best chair! A bit of heaven that is!

  5. The tacos sound marvelous. Interestingly, I was at National Jewish Hospital in Denver yesterday. They had amazing homemade ropa vieja tacos there for lunch in the cafeteria. Their Spanish rice was also very good.

  6. Your suggestions changed my supper plans from pasta to burritos. Good call.

  7. Happy Mother's Day weekend, everyone. Thanks for the visit, and hoping your cooking is truly appreciated by those who benefit from it!

  8. this looks so delicious...happily many foods do lately. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words to me, they mean more than you know. Happy Mother's Day to you as well!