Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden Thoughts

It's that time!
Everything is growing.
Time to transplant.
Time to welcome the sunshine.
Happy gardening!

I grow some of my own plants from seedlings.  Here, an empty egg carton makes a great starter kit.
For more ideas, visit this creative place.  Don't let another language trip you. Enjoy the pictures, the ideas, the ways to embrace green.


  1. What a great idea to use an egg carton as a starter kit. And thank you Rosaria for sharing the link - Lortodimichelle is a lovely blog!

  2. All my egg cartons go to a friend who has gites and they sell the eggs from their chickens! I have plenty of small pots around though to get the seed going. Diane

  3. I have my tomatoes in the raised beds and last night we had a 'freak' cold snap. I covered everything but may have lost a cantelope plant. Cantelope is one of those that is best left to ripen on the vine. I'll have to plant another if this one is lost. Hope you are having a great week.

  4. Oh Sally, I'm jealous! We are still too cold and wet here.

    Diane, you are doing a great recycling job!

    Cuisine--isn't it fun and creative?

  5. How I wish that I had space for a big garden. But then, I wouldn't have the pool. Happy gardening!

  6. Loved your post...and your recycling actions...especially the plastic fork! :-) Spring is always an "exciting" time of year.

  7. Bellissimo post! Spero di riuscire anch'io a dedicarmi un pò di più al mio orto.... Un abbraccio