Monday, February 7, 2011

What are you growing?

This grapeevine here is now three years old, and not a lick of fruit the entire time.  My neighbors reassure me that in time, I will eventually have enough grapes to cause envy among the humblest of gardeners.

On this cool February, my mind is skipping to planting time, a month or two away.  Patience is a main tool in the gardener's box.
I will plant arugula, lettuces, onions, peas, favas, broccolini, cime di rape.
Most of these varieties are not found in supermarkets or farmers' markets. When I serve the arugula salad with dried cranberries  and hazelnuts I will  know where each of these products have been before reaching my plate.

Can you plant some mouth watering specialties in your yard or in a community garden?
If you don't have a community garden, check with your city. There ought to be some plot of land that could be transformed and become a food source for the citizens.

It's time to plan a garden for good eating


  1. More and more people are growing their own food, selecting soil and seed that will contribute to good health, year after year.

    If you haven't tried to grow your own food, this is the year. Gardening blogs are abundant. Start with

  2. I love the springtime...I got crazy imagining all the things I want to grow in my summer garden. Right now I have fava beans growing and my winter greens: lettuce, chard, tuscan kale, and baby leeks, but I am starting to think about "tomatoes!" I have seeds saved from last year's heirlooms. I get so eager....patience, patience, patience. We also have two fairly new (3 years old) Moscato grape vines. Last year we had grapes and we tried to protect the clusters, but the birds still got them.

  3. I'm growing spinach, arugula, collards and komatsuna in the greenhouse! I like the sound of your arugula salad with dried cranberries and hazelnuts. It'll soon be time to order seeds and winter will retreat.

  4. I'm planning on planting some kohlrabi this year.

  5. Oh, how wonderful that you are all planting away! I buy Territorial seeds from an Oregon company known for its organic products. How are you selecting your seeds?

    -Ellen, I have never had kohlabi. How do you prepare them?


    Patricia--yes, chard, I left that out.

  6. I grow several different herbs, tomatoes, and jalapenos peppers, on my patio. But my cousin has a huge vegetable garden and gives me produce, all summer long.

  7. Marguerite, I could guess you'd grow your own jalapenos. We do not have enough sun for either tomatoes or peppers. However, we can grow lettuces all summer long, never too hot.

  8. We have a raised bed in the alley, our yard is too shaded which is necessary in the hot West Texas sun. We are going to go for only tomatoes this year. We have a fight with the birds and squirrels but have a good plan for this summer.

  9. We have a grape vine too - sadly not enough sun though, the grapes are always tiny and V E R Y sour! Yours looks great, I'm sure it's just building up it's strength before it makes you lots of delicious fruit!
    We're moving house so we're not planting any veggies just yet, but making plans for when we have a new garden!

  10. Rosaria, our plantings are all about faith, aren't they? Our current seedlings: broccoli, basil, kale, cabbage, onions....carrots aren't doing so well, but all else seems fine once they've been transplanted into the hoop house.
    Your grapes will be wonderful

  11. Oh it is a great post! I really like it! ^_^

  12. thanks for the kind words and the birthday greetings for nice of you to take the time...

    kary and teddy