Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Make your own frozen TVmeals

I have doubled up on my recipes lately, stocking up for times when I'll be too busy to cook a decent meal and I'm too far to go pick up at a decent restaurant.

What you see are meals that take time. Hours. And they require specific ingredients you might not have around.
The first one is an onion focaccia; it could be any focaccia, really. Focaccia can be frozen after assembly, and they will go in a very hot oven for fifteen minutes or until they are cooked through, with minimum time allowed for defrosting.

All the recipes for the above are right on this blog. Just scroll down the list of meals on the side.

In my freezer right now, besides focaccia, I have minestrone, stuffed peppers, and chicken and dumplings. If the focaccia is cooked, I slice it, and pack each slice separately. I also pack the rest of the meals in individual freezer and microwave friendly glass containers, write the content on the top, and freeze for three months or less.

When you have no time to cook, even on a hot day, pull your TVmeal and pop it in the microwave to defrost. You could microwave your cooked focaccia, btw., but I use a toaster oven to warm up the cold focaccia, something about a bit of direct heat does that bread good.

Enjoy. Better than anything frozen in your local supermarket, and healthier too.

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