Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better Beef to Keep you Healthy!

Our local market here on HWy 101, Lee's Market in Langlois, sells Oregon grass fed beef.  His brochure explains why this type of beef is better for you.

1. Do not think that organic, or all natural is the same as grass fed. Grass fed means the animal has been fed grass its entire life, making it healthier and leaner.

2. The animals are raised on open grass ranges and cold branded.

3. The beef you buy in supermarkets comes from animals that have been fed grain from highly industrialized farms.
"Producing feedlot meat requires taxpayers to subsidize the grain producers, creates unsustainable jobs with low paying wages, and ships valuable dollars overseas as we import our energy."

 Some reasons why you should be eating Grass Fed Beef  from the brochure in the market at Langlois:

1. The animal has never been given growth hormones or fed antibiotics.
2. Has not eaten fillers such as grains
3. High in vitamins.
4. Minimum carbon footprint
5. The hamburger is from just one animal!

If you compare the nutrients of regular beef with grass fed, you'll find that while the regular beef relies on layers of fat to impart taste, the grass fed is naturally tastier and contains more nutrients and less heart-clogging fat.

The cost? Well worth it!

Check what's available in your neck of the woods and eat healthy!


  1. I always learn something when I drop by your blog!

  2. Trader Joe's has been carrying an organic grass-fed ground beef in 1 pound packages. It is about $5.00 a pound if I remember correctly.

  3. I barely eat beef,
    but it is good to know better beef eating style.
    thanks for the hint.

  4. I really want to start eating all local-meat but it's a little much for our budget. Hopefully, we'll be able to go more veggie and get meat less often to make up for the cost.

  5. Marzipan, I truly understand! Use more legumes and whole grain products when you make soups and minestre. Meat should not be the main course, anyhow.

  6. Nice tip. First time I've heard of meat from grass-fed cows.

  7. We are a family of 6, and we only buy local meat (beef, pork and buffalo)and poultry from our butcher. I manage to keep that part of the grocery budget under control in two ways: only buying featured products or specials (also sometimes the frozen items are cheaper than the fresh), and limiting the number of days each week that we eat meat. Typically, we eat meat 4 times a week.

  8. I am fortunate to be able to purchase this type of beef from my local supermarket. Although I am not a big beef eater, my son loves it, and I prepare it on an average of once or twice a week. Not only is it more nutritional, but the difference in the taste is amazing.

  9. I've found the price of small-farm grass-fed meat in my area to be nearly comparable to supermarket prices. This surprises me, since it surely costs more to raise them this way, but it definitely leaves me with no excuse to keep buying meat from Safeway.