Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make it easy on yourself

I have chosen this picture because both of these plants, a lemon tree and a tomato plant do not do well on my patio, the warmest place I can provide for them in our cool summer months. My ambition though, is to have my own lemons and my own tomatoes. Have I succeeded ever?  NO! Yet, every summer, I try and I try.

Nothing else will complicate your life as your own ambition!
You can quote me!
I want to take a few minutes to explain this NEW PHILOSOPHY of mine in a few statements, applicable to anything in your life, especially during holidays.

Cooking is no longer the task it used to be for our ancestors. They had to grow their own food, raise and butcher their own animals and provide for hungry mouths with whatever resources they had on hand.

We can find fabolous food every where, from all parts of the world.

Think of cooking as your artistic expression and your health barometer.

Cook only when you feel the passion to create.
Cook only what connects you emotionally to the task.
Cook only if your health depends on your skills in the kitchen
Cook only if your efforts in the kitchen cannot be duplicated by anybody else.

Hence, my getting pizza on the table through the quick method I borrowed from someone.  If I had great pizza available to me in town, and I could afford it, and it had the health benefits, little salt, little cheese I need, then, gladly,  I would let someone else do it.

Women tend to kill themselves with MUST DO LISTS!
Thank the purveyors of good food this season.  Go out of your way to appreciate the butcher, the baker, the organic farmer.  They are your best friends during holiday season.

Enjoy the holidays. If you are the cook in your household, figure out what others do well, and use their products. 



  1. I mountain side garden is not as lush as valley bottom why not use my time elsewhere, where my efforts make sense. I can buy fabulous, organic, local vegetables easily and that's what I do. Now my garden is only plants that agree with the mountain.

  2. what a great way of expressing this! I do a lot right now, because I can't afford to buy, but when I can, I do, and I love it!

    There is no great pizza near by, and I do like making it:-)

  3. Great philosophy and advice! Fortunately, I love to cook and find it very relaxing, or trust me, I would not do it! Btw, I tried your pizza dough in a jar! It's wonderful and you are a genius! Thanks!

  4. Nothing else will complicate your life as your own ambition!

    Aint that the ever livin' truth!

  5. Love your post and it made me think a little. There was a time when I HAD to cook...I had to find ways to stretch 1 pound of ground beef into a nutritious casserole that would feed 5 people. There was no choice involved. When I met my beloved current husband, he never wanted me to "bother" cooking..there was just the 2 of us then and we could go out and bring something prepared in. Lucky woman, I. However, there was a hole within me that wanted to get into the kitchen and create. Since retirement I find myself more in touch with food, growing it, preparing it and eating it. Today I usually cook..and because I want to..but I always know I have the choice to say I think I will make...reservations...for dinner tonight!