Monday, November 22, 2010

When we were their age...

When we were this age:

1 we could eat everything and not gain an ounce.
2. we hated to sit down to eat together
3.we spent more time with friends than with family
4. we took no interest in cooking
5. unless our friends wanted to.

It is a known fact that most young adults do not cook. Their training did not occurr at any age. Their eating and cooking habits have been neglected.  We failed them big time. But, we can still teach them a few things.

So, this week, as the family gets together, take a youngster under your wing, and teach them something about cooking.

The first lesson I taught J and C last summer was to use knives properly.  They practiced under my tutelage and they will never forget that one hand holds the food down like a CLAW!
Your favorite turkey recipe? Pass it on!  Better yet, show them each step, from selecting the bird, to choosing the right pan to roast it in.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. my daughter hates to cook, has never had any interest in it. my son though loves to cook and does all the cooking in his house. my grandkids like to cook too so I have been teaching them when they come to stay with us.

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  3. My daughter loves to cook and cooks better than me and my son is a chef and cooks for a living! Guess it's in the genes in our family! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Good advice!!

    My son & daughter (between 30 and 40) are both good cooks ... and they learnt at home! I'm happy to join their homes for lunch or dinner!