Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food Rule Number Three: Eat smaller meals, often.

Say Hello to Jason, my daughter's husband, the other Comforter.  If you have not visited their web-site and listened to their music, you are missing a major .music treat.

(but, i digress....)

Jason and Pia have designed their lives carefully, so they can spend their time creating and making music when they are not working to pay the rent.

 They are vegan. 

Back in June, I wrote about cooking vegan meals when I visited them.  They became vegan by way of elimination.  They eliminated foods that would cause them distress, or medical problems in the long run.  Now, their eating style supports their busy life beautifully.
Visit sixtyfivewhatnow ,  the June posts,  if you wish to read about my experiences .

They eat small meals, often, mainly stuff they get from their farmer's market or grow themselves.  Their friends  bring them eggs from their coops, and they buy legumes and nuts in bulk from known sources.

They work outside the home, their busy lifestyle is the same as yours.  They  pack healthy snacks to have before and after shows, after work, during work.Eating often keeps us fueled evenly throughout the day. Big meals would actually slow us down.

When I confronted vegan cooking in June, I was skeptical and anxious. I knew I'd be hungry and cranky.  I was never hungry.  I actually lost five pounds in those three weeks, and have kept those pounds off, just by having smaller meals.


  1. Bill Clinton was on Letterman last night and when asked how he'd lost weight and looked so healthy, he responded that he has switched to a mostly plant-based diet, which sounds vegetarian to me. He looked the best he's looked in years! He says he now weighs the same as he did in high school!

  2. Yes, Eva, and I don't miss anything! Of course, when I do want a steak, I have a steak, or...Eating small meals helps to keep us from starving.
    For instance, for breakfast, I had 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and fruit; at 11:00 1/2 an apple and some peanut butter; at one, I'll have a bean and veggie salad with a slice of bread; at
    four, eggplant parmigiana, with some rice. Later, but before seven, I will have a cup of berries with yogurt, or whatever protein/fruit combo I have at hand.

  3. Hello!
    I've noticed in growing older I have naturally cut back on heavy meats, large meals, etc. You are right ~ we usually feel better when we eat in that manner.

    Now dear one .... am I beginning to detect a note of jealousy in your Jude comments?

  4. just a quick question... a little confused. you mentioned eggs, but I didn't eggs were included in vegan diets...???

  5. Eat smaller meals more often. Ack! I already think preparing, cooking and cleaning up after three meals a day is so much time lost.

  6. Diana--yes, strict vegan do not eat eggs, but egg-substitutes.

    Ellen--not all meals need to be cooked. I prepare one main meal a day. The rest of our food is either left overs, salads and soups easy to prepare. Cut up fruit and some peanuts become a meal.

  7. You are so right about this rule. I never eat big meals, either, and always stop eating as soon as I feel full.

  8. I did not realize that you had a food blog too :-) What a treat for me.
    Cheers to Vegans! However, I found the lifestyle too limiting for me. I tried it a year ago, just to try it, and it was complicated. Every meal and snack had to be planned, it left little for spontaneity.

    Eat smaller more meals more often, absolutely!

  9. I wanted you to know I visited your daughter and son-in-law's site and listened to several of the songs. Her voice is clear and crisp and beautiful! I've sent it on to one of our sons (music guy) to enjoy.