Friday, September 24, 2010

Food Rule Number Four: Listen to your Body!

Regardless of your age, your body is attuned to your needs. Those cravings? Heed them! Who knows how the body knows; our stomach has brain functions, neurons!

So, listen and make a note.

I find that if I ask myself what I want to eat, I answer with something new, something whole, something different from what I had yesterday.
Provided that I do not indulge in foods that mask my true hunger. Too much salt, sugar, fat, tend to be addictive, pushing us to want more of the same. Who can eat just one potato chip?  Who can have just a taste of a brownie?  Remember those crazy rules that asked us to just have a bite of dessert.

Who can have just a bite? Sugar wants sugar!

I've become wiser in this area. One bout with a stomach problem, and I'm listening carefully.


  1. ....did I ever tell you how amazing that artichoke is on your header! truly...ooh,...I would love an artichoke with aioli....

  2. Artichokes grow easily here on the coast, with few problems. That plant is just one year old, and has produced more than a dozen fruit. I harvest mine when they are small, when most of the fruit is edible after a quick boil.

  3. I agree. I have to be so careful with those foods, they truly are addicting. I have been trying to listen to my body, as well. Especially when i want to eat and I'm not really hungry. Sometimes I'm thirsty and I think I'm hungry.

  4. Great rule! Our bodies always tell us what they need. If only we would listen!

  5. It turns out that at each stage of our lives something is triggered to help us cope with the new challenges. Do you know why two-year olds are so persnickity with their food? In our development as a species, around two years of age we began to search for food on our own, moving about, picking this and that. We remained loyal to what our parents had fed us up to that point. Trying new things would have killed us!

    In our lactating stages, for instance, women are super-hungry, indicating a need for additional calories and nutrients. After an especially stressful encounter, we are also super hungry, to make up for that adrenalin rush all over our body.

    As we age, we lose our appetite adjusts too, feeling uncomfortable if we eat the big meals we had as youngsters. I used to consume an entire pizza by myself; now, a small piece is more than enough.

    Thanks for the visit. I appreciate your comments and on-going support.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog again and for telling me about this blog!
    I'll be back here often.
    You are SO right about sugar!! I am a total addict.
    One donut, candy, whatever - and I'm on a week-long sugar binge!
    It has so many side-effects for me - migraines being one of them.
    Thanks for sharing,