Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Local specialties.

Community events and celebrations, such as the yearly Cranberry Festival in Bandon, Oregon, 25 miles north, gives us an opportunity to meet and greet local providers.

This picture identifies murals students created to promote clean oceans and restoration of whale habitats.
The sign: Bringing Jack Back.

Down a table or two, a local fisherman was selling locally processed tuna.

I never tasted better! I learned that sustainable fishing is alive and thriving among fishermen and women who are committed to an ecologically balanced way of life. For most in this region, life is harsh and unpredictable, and too few remain to fish as a way of life.

When you travel, ask the waitresses you meet what products are grown and sold in the vicinity. They'll provide you with the sources.

Back home, you can try the products and relive the vacation all over again.

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