Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to feed a man!

Young or old, all men want to eat comfort food, warm, filling, reminding them of all the good meals they have had in their lives. (Top picture: my hubby. Bottom picture: Jose. a friend of Brian, my son).

I include plenty of meals that cater to that sense of comfort.

Like pizza! Only, I cover the pie with veggies instead of salami!

Tacoes, with grilled chicken and plenty of chunky salsa made with fresh vegetables.

And chicken and dumplings!

All recipes can be found by scrolling on the dish in the sidebar.
Buon Appetito!


  1. Not only do you find the 'way to a man's heart' you find the 'way to a man's good heart' too! Well done!

  2. Good advice! My husband never complains about what I cook, but he loves the comfort style foods. Now, I am trying to find the combination of comfort food and healthy choices. Thanks for these suggestions.

  3. I have a wonderful veggie pizza I make that has taken the place of our old, Pizza Hut, favorite.

  4. you hardly ever see chicken and dumplings on menus anymore, but it is a favorite from childhood. and is that eggplant on that pizza? great idea....

    do you grow your own vegetables, rosaria? how i wish i had more full sun in my yard so i could...i am on a mission to find a plot at my father in laws' property this summer so i can grow some of my own.

  5. Yes,I grow most of my veggies. We have a short season, though, and eggplant and tomatoes do not grow well here. These I purchase at Farmers' markets.