Friday, November 11, 2011

Training the eye.

Just a few years ago, hubby and I could eat this as an appetizer.
Now, this salad and a half a sandwich is our full meal.
We have trained ourselves to eat just enough.

We order one entree and an extra salad for the two of us when we are at restaurants.
We order one glass of wine, and take turns sipping.
If the entree is too big, we take the rest home.

Training our eyes also trained our appetite.
We can  eat the leftovers after two hours or so if we are still hungry.
It works great!
Only our pocketbook is still fat!

How about you? How do you train yourself to eat enough but not too much?


  1. There is definately 'training' involved in this. We have gone to sharing a meal when out and it is an advantage to the pocket book. We are also training ourselves to eat more fresh food and that is going along well too.

  2. Many times when we eat out we share an entree and do the extra salad or cup of soup thing. At home though, we probably eat more than we should.

  3. I'm still working on it. My husband and I are finally beginning to share a meal at a restaurant. It makes sense, and it is better on the pocketbook and the waistline. We find that we have more than enough to share.

    At home, I use the Weight Watcher serving spoons that remind me the size of the serving. This helps.

  4. I'm working on it, Rosaria, and am still not there yet. It makes so much sense both health-wise and financially to make this transition. And your meal above looks just perfect!

  5. Well, other than the fact that that looks delicious, we definitely eat too much. And most restaurant meals are huge, and when did this practice of taking to-go boxes home all the time become vogue? All that yucky styrofoam. I agree with you....we should start sharing entres, but I draw the line at the glass of wine. I need my own glass of wine!