Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good enough to eat!

All food is photographed by me, at the time of preparation, or just as the food is ready to be dished out. I should spend more time making my pictures look as good as something from a magazine cover, but I rationalize that magazines, like the pictures in this Sunset issue, are set up and produced by professional stylists, people with years and years of experience.

Me? I'm just a home cook.

Since I had just a few kolhabi baby roots, and just two baby cabbages, too few for a regular meal, I improvised an appetizer with them. Sunset Magazine inspired!

This is how I prepared the vegetables:

I parboiled and chilled the cabbages. Cooked the kohlrabi until soft; then, I peeled, sliced, chilled and served them on cabbage leaves, surrounded by slices of havarti cheese and drizzles of aioli.



  1. I love your creativity both with photography and with cooking.

  2. I would love to come to your house and and cook with you. You have so many things I've never tried and they all sound delicious.

  3. Your pictures are wonderful, Rosaria, and the food looks so delicious! Having worked for magazines, I have to tell you that the food therein is not always what it seems as not all real ingredients photograph well or can withstand the lighting. I prefer your real and natural food photos!

  4. The meal sound so fresh and tasty, the pro picture people have a lot of special equipment most of us bloggers dont have, so they kinda cheat :)
    Take care..