Monday, May 23, 2011

In the corner.

This is my hard working sink corner and these objects are re- purposed. Sometimes, they move around, from my left to my right.  Sometimes, one of them is right by my cutting board.
 I try to keep this corner pretty and useful, as I work  hard, as I stand here rinsing dishes and cutting up vegetables.
Only the vase is just a vase.
The silver tea pot is my detergent holder.
The camp-site coffee pot contains my green waste waiting to be composted.

Like you, I have tried so many receptacles to hold kitchen remnants for the compost. The ceramic one that is usually sold at kitchen stores is too obvious as well as too heavy.  I wanted something that didn't scream "refuse" and didn't weigh a ton.

How about you?
What luxury touches spark your mood and creativity?


  1. The coffee pot is a fantastic idea, wonder what I can find in the kitchen similar. Diane

  2. I'd love to see what you come up with.

  3. I use a bean pot for my kitchen scraps. it's ceramic and heavy but it has a nice fitting lid. but I love the little teapot for holding your dish soap. I think I may just have to borrow that one. I happen to have a similar pewter creamer that would do just fine.

  4. Very clever and creative use of the coffee pot and the teapot. Great ideas!

  5. LOVE this Rosaria....
    what a clever person you are... detergent in this silver teapot... yes please!