Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The simplest meal.

What if you saw this cookbook on the shelf of Borders, down 50%.
You'd have to love Italian food first.
You'd have to subscribe to simple food.
And, you have to love bread.

The book is worth its price.
Now, take it home and prepare the first thing you see here:

---Broo as in Bruce
                     ta as in tap

My friend and famous food and culture blogger,  Eleonora, will show you how to make a whole bunch of them.

Just look at the picture, and you can improvise the dish.
Improvising is instinctual in Italian cooking, a slice of tomatoes, a drizzle of oil, a few grains of salt, crusty bread.

This humble snack was my version of peanut butter sandwich when I was growing up in Southern Italy.
Go ahead, get inspired.
Make yourself a bruschetta.


  1. I love bruschetta! It's much better than peanut butter. And I like peanut butter a lot.

  2. looks like a good midnight snack! When I was single and living with a roommate in Montreal, we would make our own version of Bruschetta after being out clubbing...It always involved tomatoes and garlic and then topped with whatever was in the time we raided a back lane neighbour's garden for some tomatoes(she had told us to help ourselves! Altho I don't think she meant at 3 in the morning!)

  3. Sounds like a great cookbook! I love bruschetta, too, and like to add tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos, with cheese and parsley, and serve it as an appetizer.

  4. It's a southern Italian classic!

  5. Bruschetta! A shibboleth.

    Let me tell you, Rosaria, just the smell as I rub a garlic clove against that warm, crisp bread is enough. And then some olive oil, juicy tomatoes, basil and sea salt - I'm set. Beautiful, truly beautiful!

    Thanks for the reminder. I'll make some tomorrow.