Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cost of Unhealthy Life-styles.

This billboard is all over the L.A. area. An 800 number for lap-band surgery.
When my daughter was in high school, girls in that neighborhood got a nose job or  boobs reconstructions as graduation presents.

The pressure never ends.

Now, all over the land, we are told to go ahead, have a major surgery to shrink our stomach, we can be thin, the way this girl is.  Imagine driving by these billboards day after day, too tired to go to the gym after work, too poor to shop at the farmers' market, too sleepy to cook a meal from scratch.  You stop at the grocery store to pick up milk and cereal, and grab a bag of pre-mixed salad fixings for four people. You think of the cost, and you hate getting out of the car.
So, you drop in at your favorite fast food.

One day, this billboard will send you to the doctor for help.
There, you will put all your hopes in this basket.

Your life will change all right.
But, at what cost?

Wouldn't it all make better sense if we subsidized the local farmers so they could pass on the savings to us at the farmers' market, even show up how to prepare quick meals with greens? Right now, we are subsidizing  big corn producers, not family farmers.

Wouldn't it make better sense if companies had gyms on site?  Sure, it would cost them a bit to start off; but, health care costs would lower, absenteeism would decline; and most of all, the energy level of the employees would soar.

First Lady Michelle Obama is promoting better nutrition and  more activities for school children. It's a great start!


  1. Here in France as in most of Europe doctors are not allowed to advertise.

  2. There is hope. My husband's workplace started a wellness program over a year ago starting with a gym membership and 20 weeks of Weight Watchers. They have followed up with incentives to keep us going. Our campus has seen significant changes as has our family. Take heart, it will take time to turn the titantic around.

  3. All right, glad to know changes are coming!

  4. Many of those who have bariatric surgery have said if they had eaten before surgery like they are required to do afterwards, they would not have had the weight problem. Well, duh.