Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Habits Die Hard

Yep! I'm at an In-N-Out Burger on Pacific Coast Highway by Seal Beach, in Southern California. The building is no longer a tiny shack, but an enormous establishment right at the corner of Studebaker and PCH. I spotted the place  as we came out of Best Buy after turning in the laptop for service, and  Hubby promptly turned the car around and got us in the parking area. It was only ten 'o clock!

I ordered a #2, a cheeseburger meal, with all the fixings.
The burger, I ate. The fries, we shared.

In-N-Out Burgers are part of my history. On my way back from a long day at work, late at night, traveling south on the Antelope freeway toward  San Fernando Valley, that long day and that long commute received a respite at Sand Canyon when I zipped off the freeway, moved through the drive-in of the local In-N-Out and ordered a #2.

I then parked and ate the burger slowly, savoring each bite, letting my mind and soul and taste buds enjoy the experience and forgetting the kind of day I had.  (BTW I'm writing these teaching experiences down at my other blog should you be curious to find out!)
The fries were eaten much slower on the last leg of my trip.

What's in the burger you ask?
First, it is made fresh as you watch.
Fresh  beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce and a secret sauce are placed on a toasted bun.  The beefsteak slice of tomato is always red, big and juicy. 

Did I tell you that they peel, slice, and fry the potatoes just before they serve them?

I can't shake this habit; and whenever we're around this establishment, I'm in their grip.  

The picture was taken by my husband, who still can't believe that a healthy eater like me is so hooked on IN-N-OUT burgers.


  1. "In and Out, In and Out...that's what a hamburger's all about!" Enjoy!

  2. I cannot remember the last time I eat an hamburger..... I have to say this makes me want one though ;-) Diane

  3. Hi Patricia and Diane. Burgers are not the healthiest of foods. But,some days, you just want to have one.

  4. Oh, I am so envious!!! I was 6 weeks pregnant when we were in California in Jan, and had no appetite for that things are normalizing, I'm drooling over that burger!

  5. Sorry, Diana! Make yourself one with a juicy tomato, and light green goddess dressing, the closest taste to their sauce.

  6. When the first MacDonalds opened where I lived 25 years ago my husband and I often went in there on Saturday afternoon as a break from shopping, not so much to eat burgers, as I think MacDs are a bit too bland (ie tasteless), but to watch the teenagers strutting their stuff and making moves on each other. Teenage kids can be very funny with their gauche bravado :O)
    It's good to read that the USA can produce burgers that taste good tho - I'll look out for In N Out the next time I visit.

  7. IN-N-OUT burgers are the best!! I also like the shake shack but I think that the IN-N-OUT burgers are better... Too bad we don't these in NY :(

  8. My neice was recently working in California, she is a traveling nurse, and discovered the In n Out burger. I don't eat burgers very often anymore (that health thing) but a good one every now and again, count me in. . . yum!