Friday, February 25, 2011

California Calory Counts.

We spent most of our adult years in Southern California. We raised our children here. We have many memories attached to all the different areas where we lived, where we worked, where we played.

Ruby's is one of these. After the Northridge Earthquake, waiting for our house to become livable again, we ate out often, a meal here, a take-out there. Ruby's was our favorite breakfast place. Here, we could order two meals, and take one home. Yes, the portions are large and generous.

This Ruby's is in Seal Beach, and after a big breakfast here, we had to return home to deposit our leftovers in the fridge for another day.  The challenging part was to discover the brochure analyzing calories and nutritional values.

Yes, California. Way to Go!
Now, every meal is easily revealed for its true value.
Some of the worst item were the "Light" variety. 
Let's hope this helps us all be more conscious of what we ingest.


  1. I love old diners and the food they that's comfort! If the cooking is fresh and tasty, it must be good for you!

  2. More restaurants are doing that now. It's helpful and scary at the same time!

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