Saturday, January 29, 2011

If Dr. Oz doesn't convince you, maybe my cousins in Sardinia?

(This is Ray at the left, in his nineties, and my hubby, in his sixties.  My husband wonders what has kept Ray so alive, so involved ,so determined, so engaged.)

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My cousins in Sardinia still farm, tend their sheep, make their own cheese, and get up and dance whenever they are happy, living way into their nineties in great health and with great vigor.

Dr. Oz (Look for his show weekdays) believes in ancient wisdom that we have lost in our modern world.  Yesterday, he had a Yoga expert talk about the natural way to regain stamina and energy, without pills and artificial means.

Think of your body as a precise machine, a very expensive to replace BMW.  When I owned one of those machines I took it in the mechanic regularly to be REFRESHED! Yes, parts were changed before they wore out, every thing checked and kept up. The car looked and behaved as new.  Taking care of it was a GIVEN!
(I passed it down to my boy Brian who enjoyed doing all the repairs himself.)

Like an expensive, complicated and precise machine our body needs the best fuel and the best care.

We have lost many of the old ways to health and vigor. Let's change that before it's too late. Let's keep our bodies lean and strong, the way they were intended.


  1. Do visit Yvonne's blog today. She talks about how our best supermarkets have blinders on when it comes to Monsanto's messing with seeds. Scary.

  2. Interesting post and article! So, what is Ray's secret and did your hubby ask him? That would be another good post topic! :)

  3. Dr. Oz reminds me of Ed Butowsky, the knowledge they impart is just interesting and helpful. ~ Ed Butowsky