Friday, January 14, 2011

Eating and walking and living, oh my!

We eat at least three times a day, day and night, day in and day out, year in and year out.  Within an hour of a meal, we start thinking about the next one. At work, the talk is more about what people eat and what they will cook that night. What to cook is on everyone's mind all the time.

When our children were little we  chose restaurants  where their favorite foods were served. When our first born was a toddler he refused to eat meat. Yet, at a cafeteria, he wanted to eat all kinds of meat dishes, to our delight and sighs of relief. Cafeterias became our go to place.

My husband is diabetic, so now our diet/food choices are a bit limited. If we want dessert, we eliminate potatoes of pasta or starches from our meal; and even then, we share that piece of cake, so the damage is minimal.

We are now balancing our lives better. We rest, we recreate, we exercise, all knowing that our choices will affect our health so intimately.  It took a lifetime for us to learn these lessons.

You'd think that there would be more information on nutrition and life choices in schools. All home economics classes have been eliminated years ago; health information is relegated to  short chapters  in science or health textbooks.

There is good news on the horizon with the new FDA food nutrition program in school cafeterias. Perhaps, the new generation will be fed better and have fewer health issues in their future.


  1. My husband's business started a wellness program 1.5 years ago. As an administrator my husband had to lead his campus. We have done very well losing over 100 pounds between us. Although it was a forced issue I'm glad we have been put on the path to better eating and health.

  2. ...after all that holiday food...trying to get back on track here too

    great post and am happy to follow


    kary and teddy

  3. I was in a "food coma" after the holidays, lol, and have been eating mostly veggies, since then. My daughter has NEVER eaten meat and still doesn't, but has always been very healthy. I limit my meat and sweets intake to twice a week to maintain my weight. These two can really put the pounds on.

  4. Yes, that is good news about the changes in recommendations for school cafeterias. More fruits and veggies and milk. Milk? Hasn't that always been a mainstay of school lunches? Hopefully they'll take out the soda pop machines while they're at it. Gross.

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  6. The healthy eating is so cool!
    I'm sorry that your husband is diabetic; it is very positive that he has managed to adapt the diet to his state of health.
    Not everyone is able to do that kind of renunciation. My father in law, for example, has not avoided food temptations in time; nowadays, unfortunately, he pays the heavy consequences...