Friday, October 1, 2010

Food Rule Number Seven: Support Local Purveyors.

Yes! Eating at Redfish ,overlooking the bay in Port Orford, has become one of our weekly excursions. Their offerings change almost weekly, and use  local products. Valley Flora  Farm (where I picked my berries for the cobblers in my previous post) provides the greens. Sweet Ranch provides the meats. The wines come from many sources, including many Oregon wineries.

If you want to continue to eat great food, served in great surroundings, you need to support these businesses. The local chefs depend on you. So, make a point to support and encourage local talent.

Hubby and I tend to eat out on a regular basis for two reasons. One, I like to try new things. Second, I get inspired when I see what talented chefs prepare.  My cooking improves; the business stays solvent; my mood and stomach appreciate the change of pace.

So, go on out and splurge, now and then! Chefs spend many years honing their skills; they, in turn, develop relationships with local purveyors, the ranchers and farmers that provide the meats and greens that are served to you. Everyone benefits!


  1. Wow, what a view! Anything would taste good in those surroundings!

  2. Gorgeous pic! Sounds like a nice routine. I love to dine out and support our local restaurants, every chance that I get too! Have a great weekend!

  3. My husband took a picture of me eating mussels the other day. He posted it on his Facebook page and it's getting attention! I figure, if somebody can fix food this good, I need to support their talent! I'd hope that when I publish my first book people will feel the same way about my efforts!

  4. Supporting local is a political decision and very important in these times...we need to always support local!