Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Your Mother Didn't Know

First, we had the scare of too much fat, and too much red meat. So, we switched to skinless chickens, and bought fish.  Then, the scare of too many carbs. So, we dropped the potatoes and the bread, and rushed back to our meat plates, gorging on too much protein that in turn affected our liver, our gastric juices, our pancreas....

Remember the ecoli scares?  Peanut butter recalled. Spinach and tomatoes recalled.  Burgers recalled.
Remember the baby food formula from China?

Mother had not seen so much drama.

We are starving for good information about what to eat, how much, and how to protect ourselves from unknown perils.
I bet most of you reach for the organic greens, and the organic meats in your supermarket.

Mother only knew organic.

She raised her own chickens for eggs, and when the same chickens became too old to lay, they were stewed and fricasseed.  They were not fed anything but what they could forage out on the back forty. They returned to the barn at night, where the dog protected them from predators.  They were happy chickens, not too plump, not too skinny.

We have so much contradictory information, most of us develop our own philosophy on food consumption.

What we need is a new literacy, not more advertising or more products shoved down our throats.
What have you read lately that shines a light on the subject?


  1. I'm reading The Omnivore Dilemma, can't put it down. It should be recommended reading in every high school. Let's get nutrition and food business literacy in every school.

  2. This is so true! I don't have any sources to cite, but I really like how you put this!

  3. All I know is growing up we had fresh from our garden, meat and chicken more than fish and hardly any sweets except for special as kids we were always outdoors and never sitting in front of a tv...we only had 3 channels anyway! We need more back to simple and fresh and exercise!