Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cooking with grand daughter

Whenever I have my grandchild with me, I tend to pack a lot of activities in the few days she spends with us, enough activities for her to never feel bored.

I also like her to learn a few things about nutrition and good eating habits.  I know she has many great foods available to her in her neighborhood supermarket.  Choosing among so many tempting things is really the skill she needs.

This lunch plate lays out the three  principles she can use anywhere, whether she prepares food at home or chooses dishes at a restaurant:

1. Fill your plate with fruit and vegetables.
2. Add  one lean source of protein. In this case,  tuna fish.
3, Add a source of starch. This is  multi-grain sandwich bread.

Vary  texture, appearance, color. Travel the world, learn new foods.


I can't tell her to watch calories, or to eliminate this food or that.  Food is our fuel. We need the best quality,  the freshest available.

If she absorbs these principles, then eating well will be instinctual, second nature, and she won't have to worry about weight gain or weight loss.


  1. Greetings! There are so many options for fresh veggies and fruits right now. Overwhelming. I could make every meal out of them. On the grill especially!

  2. Hello dear, I'm hear, I really enjoed in all, and in every hour of the day, thanks for recipies, and the nice foto and post on the other blog. With Love from Loredana

  3. Looks like a great lunch! Enjoy the time with your granddaughter!