Friday, August 6, 2010


Life and food were not meant to be complicated.
We have become obsessed with things and activities that have nothing to do with the pursuit of happiness.
We need simple things to exist and thrive.

In this new blog of mine, I will concentrate on Food.

Just like this young man, I will catch or purchase my fresh fish, cook it simply and consume it with gusto.
Please join me on this journey!


  1. This blog is for anyone who wants to simplify their lives, eat simple meals, feel confident in the kitchen.

    Our first lesson: eat fresh!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful process!

    When you post something here, will you give us a "heads up" on sixtyfivewhatnow? Pls. & Thnx.

    Looking forward to your food information.

  3. Looks like I have a front row seat!

  4. Hi Rob and Eva! Good to see you here. Rob, I can't promise that I'll be connecting the two blogs all the time. I'll try.

  5. I will look this up. I love to cook and try new things, simple or not , but I never slavishly follow a recipe, just take hints from it.

  6. I am signing up to follow you and will look forward to your first recipe!

  7. The photo is beautiful. I would love to live by a lake. The simple things of life! I am going to enjoy visiting here on a regular basis.

  8. great initiative,
    love to see your food post.

  9. I wanted to comment on this yesterday but I was trying to stay focused on my work.

    We were in Cozumel and all the restaurants served all this fancy food with heavy sauces for the tourists (we did eventually find a family restaurant where the locals ate and loved the food there) and I just could not eat most of it, it upset my stomach. One day we took a day trip on the mainland to see some Mayan ruins. One of the stops was for lunch at this little restaurant/shack on a beach. I'm sure the owner had some sort of deal with the tour company. We had grilled fresh fish, boiled potatoes and cabbage. So simple and so delicious. It was the best food I had that whole trip.

  10. makes me long to be 65 and retired and back in Oregon...and I don't even like fish that much :-)