Friday, August 6, 2010


I just read that seven servings of fruit and vegetables should actually become twelve-fifteen. We should be snacking on fruit and vegetables all day. To improve digestion and overall health, we should increase our intake of raw fruit and vegetables. 

Nothing will taste as good as a fruit just picked at the peak of perfection. If you have any dirt and water available to you, grow your own strawberries. They look great  in a rose garden, providing mulch for the roses and chocking weeds.

  Instead of a front lawn, plant rows of strawberries.  You will not need to mow, fertilize or trim that lawn ever. If you have no lawn space, plant your berries in pots. They are easy to grow and will self propagate. Start with a  plant for each family member, and soon, you'll have a patch.

Pick your berries when they are full and ripe. Don't wait to get a handful for your morning cereal. Pick and eat, and savor the balance of sweet and tart,  the softness of the skin.

If you want to save those strawberries for your cereal, go ahead, but resist the temptation to mess with them.

When the strawberry hits your tongue, let it rest there before you bite.
Enjoy the miracle.

If you purchase your strawberries, eat them the same day.
If you have too many, make ice-cream, or freeze them for winter, when they'll remind you of a sun-kissed summer day.

Enjoy the authentic taste of your food.
Many times, we don't have to do anything except wash our hands and wash the food before enjoying it.


  1. Yum! We can't plant a yard of strawberries here in Georgia because it'll be taken over by pasture grass and fire ants in a nanoo second. So I grow them in pots, every summer having to add more pots for the babies.

    I'm looking forward to learning some new food ideas, Rosaria!

  2. fresh fruits are fabulous,
    love watermelons, strawberries, peaches...

  3. Hi folks. We're on an adventure with food that will give us real pleasure and improve our energy and moods.

    We'll not hunt for exotic ingredients all over the world; instead, we'll look around us, at our local farmers' market, at the corner grocery store, for everyday ingredients to whip up for lunch or supper. Tomorrow, stuffed artichokes for lunch.

  4. Love the healthy approach. Am trying to eat only healthy and could use ideas and reminders. Thanks.

  5. I love fresh veggies and fruits and have access to an abundant, year round supply. I eat 5 to 7 servings a day, and incorporate them into almost everything, such as fruit smoothies, fresh vegetable juices, as well as salads, sides, and entrees.