Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Have you seen the price of vegetables?

I used to eat like this, a few years ago. A handful of salad greens, a pile of mayonnaised fish and bread or crackers. Nothing wrong with it. I actually felt saintly after this meal. The packaged salad greens were pre washed and measured, and while more expensive, I felt they were a good deal.

Notice that the salad had no real vegetables except for the packaged greens. Nowadays, I make a salad with fresh greens, cooked greens and even canned greens. What I don't use quickly I pickle for yet another addition to my salad plate. I make my own dressing too, one part vinegar or lemon, and three parts oil. I add plenty of aromatics, dried or fresh herbs, and little or no salt.

As for the fish, I still use canned tuna or salmon or sardines once a month, for convenience and economy. I drizzle a bit of olive oil and add chopped peppers and onions to liven up the taste. Pepper helps to spark the blandness, and sometimes a dash of hot sauce.

For starch, a slice of a multigrain loaf, or a grain leftover from a previous meal.  After all, we just need to swap to a better deal rather than cutting all carbs.

Add a slice or two of orange or any seasonal fruit and you now have a nutritious meal that is both tasty, heart healthy, filling, and economical.

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  1. Son Carl and I have certainly learned the value of eating right ~ his A1c is normal, his 35 pound weight loss remains stable, his physician is astounded! Me? Not as significant as Carl, but better. I am sending you an email from Houzz which I hope you enjoy.