Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eating well is possible, one change at a time.

Have you noticed that everything around us tempts us to eat more, indulge our senses, get off the right path? What we post, here on blogger, on Facebook and other social media, how we talk about food, how we  allow ourselves to taste everything at a buffet table, piling up our plates without thinking, all this behavior is bound to shut down our reasoning brain and cause us to forget that our bodies' engines need high octane fuel, not just anything that pleases the mouth. Staying on the straight road is possible, with some automatic controls selection.

As we grow older, indulgences show up as diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach upsets, inflammation...

We are not stupid, careless or ignorant. We know what food to eat.
So, how do we immunize ourselves against distractions?

Cook your own food.
Selecting meat that has been raised well, and has not been impaired by dramatic weight gains through hormones and extra feeding to get that marbleized look we have come to expect in our steaks will help you right away.  Or, if this is difficult, eat less meat, half as much, and less frequently. If you are used to a steak a week, schedule that meal every other week. At my house, I cook one steak a week, and we share it!

Fill yourself up with salads at every meal.
Yes, having a salad as an appetizer will fill you up before you sit down to the meal. Extra cooked vegetables such as beets or asparagus or green beans are served cold for the next meal with a little salad dressing

Cut portions.
I fill our plates with two cooked vegetables, a serving of starchy vegetable,different colors and textures, and a four-ounce piece of protein, such as fish, lamb, turkey, chicken. My refrigerator and freezer are full of vegetables and portioned protein pieces. It's easy for me to pull together a turkey cutlet because when I purchase meat, I store it in the freezer in portion sizes.

Choose food in its natural state, roots, seeds, leaves as they grow from the ground. 
Yes, eat beet greens, beet roots, and beet seeds over salads.

Enjoy every bite!


  1. Great advice. I am trying to make small changes each day. So far I have lost eight pounds.

  2. So true - small steps really make a difference - love your advice. Happy to follow you!
    Mary x

  3. I like the idea of freezing things in appropriate sized portions. At the moment I just tend to throw things in there, and then sometimes have to defrost more than I need.

  4. Just popping in to say hello - I'm just recently returning from a blog break. Hope all is well in your world :)