Sunday, May 27, 2012

The "D" food plan.

Yes, we have to lose weight and regain our svelte figure, to relieve joint pain, back pain, gastric problems, walking problems. You know that everything about your health is connected to your food intake.

No wonder commercial diets are so popular! We want to get to the ideal weight in one easy step, and we gladly give up our free will, our preferences, even our hard earned money to get to that ideal size in a hurry.

The trouble always starts after the weight loss. The trouble starts when we get to choose again, and our appetite takes over.

So, what is the plan I'm putting in place in my house?
It consists of three rules:

1. Eat at home when you are home.

2. Share a meal, adding salads to fill up when you are eating out.

3. Order or cook fish, grilled, sauteed, baked.

Rule One is a well proven strategy: eating at home is cheaper and healthier than eating out.

Rule Two: Agree on one entree, preferably fish, and order an extra salad with dressing on the side. Dressing, as well as add-ons, like croutons ,dried fruit,cheeses, all seem to load you up on calories.

Rule Three, fish, may seem daunting at first, especially if you don't like fish. But a serving of fish has fewer calories and less fat than any other meat. Skip fish and have chicken or turkey, but watch how it is prepared. Ask for grilled, or saute'. Sauce on the side!

We're ready to dust up our dock, and throw our lines in the lake to catch the freshest meal around. Stay tuned for wonderful fish meals anyone can prepare.


  1. I'll be adding calorie counts on the recipes i include for this D plan.

  2. Good advice, Rosaria! Looking forward to the recipes! Over the past 3 years we have decreased drastically our consumption of red meat and eat fish frequently. Wish we had a dock outside!!

  3. Excellent advice, Rosaria! It makes so much sense to have just a few rules that you can follow day after day, year after year, while healthy eating becomes a habit. I've actually come to prefer salads and am also starting to like a greater variety of fish. I look forward to your recipes!

  4. Really good solid advice here, Rosaria. Your three rules are absolutely right. And I, too, am looking forward to your fish recipes. I love fish and we eat lots of it!

  5. that is a wonderful photo
    good advice

  6. These are great tips! I have no problem with 1 and 2, but should work on 3 more when dining out. Appreciate the encouragement!