Sunday, January 8, 2012

Losing pounds is not for amateurs.

(pictured: one of my docks; the other one is on the right, a floating dock, connected by a floating foot bridge not seen in this picture.)

Full disclosure here:
I'm not in great shape.
I'm always trying to lose weight, or at best, not gain any.

Like most of you, I battle an insidious disease called weight. It has kept me humble and alert. It is a deep stain on my ego. It is haunting me day and night. It is a floating dock that can take off during a stormy holiday and if not dragged back and tied down, it can never be retreated.

Like you, I rein in that dock, clear the debris around it,and tie it with strong chains to a land structure.

Right now, at 9:35 I'm planning the rest of the day, and if I don't get rid of that last piece of pie, I'll be eating it for snack, ruining the best laid plan of the day.

Yes, we surround ourselves with temptations and then bemoan our fate!
What to do?
We need to agree to help each other here, to only print those food we actually put on our plates and into our mouths that guarantee that pounds will slowly slip off our thighs, stomachs and...

Let's tie down that floating dock, and clear the deck for great, healthy cooking in 2012. Let's not worry about what others are doing, what programs they are purchasing, what special aids they have in their medicine cabinet.

Let's agree, we need to be mindful and make good healthy choices, at each meal.

On the menu today:

Breakfast: 1/4 toasted bagel with 1T of cream cheese, a C of strawberries,  coffee or tea.

Snack:  1 oz of Jimmy Dean sausage and 2oz of fennel bulb.

Lunch: grilled chicken, tossed greens with arugula, fennel bulb, orange slices, toasted almonds. with a lemon,oil vinaigrette.

Snack: 1.2 pear, 1oz of mozzarella.

Dinner: 1 C split pea soup with ham slivers and toast points.

Dessert: 1 oz of dark chocolate, 1 oz of nuts

The secret here is the amount of food served at each meal, and the number of snacks. The body is continually digesting, always using up the calories, maintaining a high metabolism.  You can plan a weekly menu simply by changing some of the ingredients, maintaining the ratio, controlling all nutrients at every meal. 


  1. I hear that siren call of weight loss. After much success three years ago I've put on 12 of those pounds. Both of us are kicking back in, knowing what we have to do to get the pounds off, but oh, it is a struggle. Here's to a healthy 2012!

  2. My theory is that if I control the portions and exercise and work out daily, I can pretty much eat whatever I want. Plus, meat only once a week, and sweets only once in a while, and lots of veggies and grilled seafood. I have mangaged to maintain my ideal weight of 127 lbs. (I'm 5 ft. 9 in. tall), for 10 years, using this approach. Except I usually gain about 3 lbs. on holidays, which is easily lost. Good luck with the diet!

  3. Hi Rosaria, Haven't been on blogs in quite a while, something I really missed. I too have the same battle, just read a blog from our cousin, author Jane Kirkpatrick, who keeps a sign taped on her fridge that says, "It's not in here!" Meaning the comfort we look for from food that isn't needed for the nourishment of our bodies, just our psyches. Guess I need to print a sign now. I just love good food, I can throw out most sweets after a serving or two, but find myself eating much too much, and that psyche stuff in the evenings. Hope all is well in your part of the NW. Nancy

  4. I have so far to much to learn. What a battle. I don't even know what a fennel bulb is or...arugula?? But I do understand how you so eloquently describe your "weight" journey. My own journey has been similar. I love to cook and I love to eat. I quit after dark and start up again every morning. Survival? Maybe we all can help each other. So glad I discovered you.