Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clean the refrigerator.

If you want the Christmas tree to last, you need to water it daily, and add aspirins to the water.
If you want your cooked food to last, you need to consume within three days, or freeze it until you remember you put there in the first place.

Happy post-holidays, everyone.
Today, I'm emptying the refrigerator. I'm putting it on a diet of leftovers, make-overs and unusual snacks.

Start with the sweets:

1. Cut your pie in pieces no bigger than two bites and freeze. One day, when you have company, pull out all these pieces and serve with ice cream.

2. Meats: slice or dice, and freeze. You'll pull these out for sandwiches on a cold night when neither of you wants to cook. Or, pull those dices and toss with some cumin for tacos. Better yet, make a thick vegetable stew, add your meat, and serve it as a pot pie.

3. Veggies. You can freeze most of these too, separately. I tend to recycle them immediately as a  Minestrone  with few additions.

Minestrone Recipe:

Saute a diced onion, with diced bacon bits and a tablespoon of olive oil. When translucent, add a can of stewed tomatoes, a cup or two of vegetable stock, some of your favorite fresh herbs all pulverized in the food processors, a can of cannellini beans, drained and rinsed, and  all the other left-over vegetables you can't seem to part with.
Simmer over low heat until you are hungry.

Serve with plenty of left-over rolls and bread you diced and tossed in hot oil and garlic slices.



  1. I read your post while I was at the doctor's office with my hubby. Then, I came home and made split pea soup with the leftover ham from Christmas. The rest of the ham was chopped and diced and placed in the freezer. It is good to know that I have some soup starters in the freezer.

  2. Wonderful suggestions, Rosaria! I especially liked the idea of bite sized pieces of pie frozen to serve later on with ice cream!