Monday, May 30, 2011

Update on dropping inches and pounds.

That's Port Orford in the distance, from the south, from Highway 101. You'd think with all this beauty and gorgeous beaches to explore daily,  we would all be in great shape!
It rains constantly in this paradise. And sometimes, the winds are hurricanes. Yeah, that's my excuse every time we remain indoors and end up sitting. We, Hubby and I, both write, read, watch television, eat and sleep. Not in the same order, but in the same time frame.

We ought to venture out in the rain if it is violent.

Remember my affirmations a few weeks ago? Do this, do that?
Well, we had a couple of slip-ups. As this holiday weekend, for instance, and Mother's Day.  We indulged just a bit. The result? No losses.  Even the gardening hasn't helped much. Yes, we have aches and pains to prove that our bodies were on the job. But we did not lose any inches or pounds.

So, back on track. With an additional caveat: until we have lost the goal weight, no indulging. That means that  we have to fore go outings.  Birthdays and anniversary and all types of celebrations reset the clock and cancel all good intentions.

The good news is that the rains are less frequent, and our outdoor activities can be increased tremendously. Ah, the light at the end of the tunnel....
How about you?
How are you keeping off those inches and pounds that have lingering for a while?
What are your strategies? 


  1. Ah, I do relate to your dilemma! We returned from a week long trip to visit family and celebrate life events..gathered around tables laden with foods. We do not eat junk food or food with "hidden calories." But it is practically impossible to reduce weight. For us, in addition to attempting to move the body more, it is all about portion size. I know that I cannot continue to eat like I used to when I was younger and think I can maintain my weight. The metabolism is different! :-(

  2. Yes!
    I practically starve us, and still, the weight lingers.

  3. If I really eat sensibly and write down EVERYTHING I eat and drink to keep track I can loose weight. The writing down is the important thing so you see how much you cheat!!! Diane

  4. It's walking, walking, walking and more walking that do the trick for me :-)

  5. I agree with Martha that exercise really helps and maybe now that summer is nearly here, better weather will encourage more activity. It's so hard to lose weight at this age. Bob and I live in a community that has a huge, state of the art gym and lap pool and exercise every day. And it's still hard! Those little culinary slip-ups hurt. On the other hand, so much pleasure is in meals shared. I guess it's a matter of finding a reasonable balance between celebrating and healthy eating (not necessarily mutually exclusive, but you know how it is).

  6. The secret to loosing weight and maintaining weight loss is to continually burn off more calories than you consume. I agree with Patricia that portion control is very important, too. Walking is good, but will not burn off enough calories. I dance daily, and work out at the health club, three or four times a week. And both of these can easily be done in one's living room. There are also many other health benefits from getting your blood pumping and your lymph moving, too.

  7. There should be billboards everywhere, and benches with stickers and smiles, all encouraging us to get out there and use our bodies while we have them.
    Hubby said something today that rewards my efforts to get HIM out and about. He said, "Thanks for nourishing me, and for keeping me walking with dignity!"

    Now, that's what's it all about!
    Thanks for your visit and your wise, kind and brilliant observations.

    Thanks for giving me that strawberry milkshake of a pep talk!