Monday, February 14, 2011

The food of LOVE.

Oh what I wouldn't do for a great slice of pizza!
(if you want this recipe, just scroll back to a previous post)

Pizza is a tricky thing to make. The natural bacteria in the air where you live will impart the special taste and structure to your dough, affecting the final result.  Now, here where we live, the Northwest, is similar to San Francisco.  Our pizza tastes more sourdoughy than other pizzas.

But, I digress. 
I want to talk about how cooking shares the chemistry and physics of love.
(No, don't interrupt! I'm on a roll here...)
Cooking requires  patience and flexibility.
Cooking requires accomodation to the tastes and likes,  the physical needs of the partners.

Let me illustrate by the making of pizza.
Say I want to eat pizza right now! (It's 7:20 am here.) If I pulled out my flour, etc., it would take a minimum of three hours to get a rise out of that dough. I would need to wait and wait.
(Oh sure, I can take bread, spread some sauce and cheese and bake it for a pretend pizza. NO THANKS!)

The real thing takes TIME.

Well, you get my point. I shall plan to have pizza for lunch or dinner.
Wouldn't it be easier to just go out and purchase a ready-made pie?

Surely, you want the real thing!


  1. Note that all pictures are mine! I could entice my readers with great food pictures borrowed from somewhere. However, I'm going for real food in this blog.
    Have a great Valentine, with or without chocolate.

  2. I had pizza this afternoon at a place where they speak Italian and the food is prepared fresh daily, DiGiorgio's, it was great as has been my whole day! Happy Valentine's to you.

  3. It is the real deal or no deal. :)

    Enjoy your Pizza. :)

  4. Bon apetit, Roasaria, your pizza looks fabulous!

  5. I made my first pizza in months, no maybe years, last weekend and it was so yummy, its back on the cooking list once more :) Diane