Sunday, January 2, 2011

Loving your food!

If I were a fruit, I'd be a strawberry, a lone red and plump thing, demurely waiting to become someone's first bite, succulent reminder of all simple things that manage to become spectacular experiences.

No diets for me! (See how growing old changes your attitude?)

 In a few years, I'll have developed allergies, and respectable maladies that will limit my food choices. So, why temp Fate? If I can have strawberries and ice-cream, I will enjoy them with gusto.

My deepest fear as a senior citizen is ending up in a nursing home, a place where the food will smell and taste like left-over, overly reheated soup.  I want to be able to grow and cook my food, taste everything, enjoy and indulge in my favorites whenever I want.

And yes, in moderation.

Feeling good means being agile and flexible and strong.

Happy eating in 2011!


  1. You always make me think, Rosaria! What fruit would I be? Something to think about today. Eating, enjoying tastes and the preparation of food I have grown gives my life such meaning. Each time I swallow and savor a bite, I am grateful that my body is healthy and can accept any type of food I chose and I can eat with gusto!! Enjoy your day...we are waiting for rain and I am making soup!

  2. Love your food posts! I would be a great big juicy peach!

  3. being strong in mind and body as well as giving it good nourishment will go a long way to keeping you fit and healthy.

  4. I think I'd probably be a grapefruit, plump, juicy, and with pucker power!

  5. a perfect michigan peach...soft skin,sweet and juicy..when you bite into know you've gone to heaven
    I watch the food Network all day yesterday and thought of you...I may begin cooking..really cooking again

  6. Oh Suz, thank you!
    What a nice thing to say!
    Today, I made pizza from my pizza in a jar recipe( a previous post). Since it is cool in my kitchen, I had to wait a couple of hours before my dough was mallable enough to be shaped and ready to bake. Yummm, and yumm. No leftovers!
    Cooking from scratch is custom-made to your dietary needs and preferences.

    Perfect for you, everytime.

  7. mmmm...not sure what fruit I would be, but I love this blog. Happy, happy new year!

  8. I would be a tropical fruit for sure....hanging in paradise not too far from the sea.....maybe a strawberry papaya.....with lots of limes for friends....

  9. I would love the be a watermelon. They are so nice and juicy and plenty of it to go around.

  10. I would be a pomegranate, rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients, since I drink it's juice every day. Love your pizza dough in a jar, btw!