Friday, November 26, 2010

Saving Tips

A few post-Thanksgiving hints to deal with life after the eating frenzy. Here they are:

1. Add dried herbs to your salt shaker.  (You'll use less salt!)

2. Take a long walk for every piece of pie you eat.

3. Vegetables leftovers?  Add salad dressing, shake, and keep in refrigerator to eat at leisure.

4. Eat nothing but vegetables and legumes for  the rest of the week.

5. Cut up, and freeze your leftover turkey the way you intend to use it: cubes for soups and casseroles, slices for sandwiches. Put the rest, bones and tidbits in a pot with lots of water, lots of root vegetables and let it simmer until it is soup. Discard the bones, eat the veggies and freeze  the stock in small batches to use on those days when adding turkey stock will liven up your meals.

Happy Leftovers!


  1. I meant to say, a few times each week, as well as the rest of this week. Today, we had linguine with beans in tomato/basil sauce. A quick saute of garlic and peperoncino before adding cut up tomatoes, and dressing the whole thing with lots of freshly grated cheese. I noticed that everyone felt quite satisfied.

  2. awesome hints...

    leftovers can be used to make turkey butter, a turkey butter sandwich would be awesome....

    awards/treats 4 u

    Happy Friday!

  3. I really like the one about taking a long walk for every piece of pie.

  4. Great ideas! I had almost no leftovers and am definitely eating veggies and seafood for the rest of the month!

  5. Great ideas, Rosaria. So many younger people have no idea about such tricks in the kitchen.