Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food Rule Number Nine: Read The Label!

When I run out of these fresh peas, I will need to purchase them frozen or canned.  I know what these will taste like, and whatever I add to them is controlled by me.  Many packaged foods come with a lot of extra additives. Salt is a major culprit.

Reading the labels on cans, packets and bags will reveal a great deal of information that might save your life. Yes! Especially if you have allergies or need to control certain substance, like salt or dairy, or...

Salt/sodium sneaks up everywhere. Here are some stats:*

1C creamed cottage cheese with fruit..................777 milligrams
1 can of sardines, packed in oil and drained.........430 milligrams
1 plain bagel.......................................................318 milligrams

* From the US Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Laboratory

I don't want to alarm you, but, in reality, we all eat more salt than we should. 
So, enjoy your meals, be judicious with your salt and pepper shaker, and read your labels!


  1. I always read the labels. so many products I don't buy. We don't cook with salt either. Except meat, I do season it with a little before cooking.

  2. Very important rule! As soon as my kids learned how to read, I taught them how to read labels. But they went overboard with it, and now come over and go through my cabinets, and let me know if I have any thing that they don't approve of! lol

  3. Label reading is so important...and sobering...can't enjoy it with my eyes wide open:-)

  4. Wow, Marguerite, your kids are cool! An you succeeded beyond your dreams in teaching them this precious skill. There is so much to do in this area! Maybe someone in our own group can start a movement.

    Ellen--I have used the French way to season, pour dried herbs in a salt mill. Every time I turn the mill, I get both a drop of salt and a drop of mixed herbs. Flavor like this goes a long way.

    Diana--Yes, it has taken the fun out of shopping. If the food is packaged, you have to ask what's in that package that might harm us, or potentially complicate our lives.